2010-01-25 @ 16:00 UTC (11am EST) - Fedora QA Meeting Recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Tue Jan 26 13:42:12 UTC 2010

As always, details and IRC transcript available at

= Attendees =

People present (lines said)

* adamw (120)
* jlaska (46)
* wwoods (41)
* kparal (18)
* maxamillion (17)
* beland (11)
* Oxf13 (9)
* nirik (4)


* [[User:liam]]
* [[User:rhe]]
* [[User:jlaska]] (only half of meeting)
* [[User:Johannbg]]

= Agenda =
Proposed meeting agenda]
[http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-01-25/fedora-meeting.2010-01-25-16.03.html meetbot summary]

== Previous meeting follow-up ==

* maxamillion bring back conversation about Xfce 4.8 updato on
xfce at lists.fp.o and inform about conclusion
** [[Features/Xfce48]]
** ''there's not much to report ... its mainly a waiting game on our end
but I also know we need to start planning out a Test day''
** Will continue monitoring XFCE 4.8 schedule, and may choose to hold a
test day even if it slips.

* jlaska - reach out to beland for guidance/ideas on how to document the
process for how bugs bubble through different release documents
** beland sent email to fedora-test-list (see
** jlaska took action to add bz links to the [[Common_F13_bugs]] page

* adamw to build on the famous spot security blog post and draft
something quick'n'dirty for QA review
** Adam drafted a policy and sent for review (see
** Signifant feedback so far, the policy has gone through several
** Adam will review updates over the weekend, and submit another update
for review
** Once enough people are satisfied with policy ... will submit to FESCO
for review

* nirik intends to update the [[Releases/Rawhide]] wiki page to reflect
the changes (help appreciated)
** nirik is waiting for the subpackage (fedora-release-rawhide) to land

== AutoQA project update ==

=== Deps/conflicts prevention ===

* Milestone - https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/milestone/autoqa%
* Owner - [[User:wwoods]]

''Last week''
* lmacken working an API change into the next release of bodhi
* A close to working depsolv test case (see
[http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=autoqa.git;a=blob;f=tests/depcheck/depcheck]) is available.  Further clean-up needed.

''This week''
* bodhi code required for the post-bodhi-update hook is now in bodhi
(thanks lmacken)
* wwoods working with skvidal and other rpm hackers to try and solve the
depcheck problem
* wwoods looking for help in doing the post-bodhi-update hook
* kparal has code for generating fake RPMs for testing in git as

=== rpmguard and autoqa results collection ===

* Milestone - https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/milestone/Package%20update
* Owner - [[User:kparal]]

''Last week''
* Test results are now sent to autoqa-results, the next large step
is ...
* Continue discussing and start requirements gathering for a more formal
method for collecting and presenting package update test results (see
* Most of last week in RHCT training
* Discovered that some packages can be improperly detected by rpmguard

''This week''
* Address [https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/114 ticket#114]
* Kparal interested in developing design goals for results db

=== install automation ===

* Milestone - https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/milestone/Automate%
* Owner - [[User:lili]], [[User:rhe]]

''Last week''
* Continue working towards a single python test that will automate a DVD

''This week''
* Publish test code using either a public git branch, code on a people
page, just a local git checkout
* Continue test development

=== packaging/deployment ===

* Milestone - https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/milestone/Packaging%20and%
* Owner - [[User:jlaska]]

''Last week''
* Continue to harden the next-steps for JARs in the ''uncertain'' (see
[[User:Jlaska/gwt#Status_uncertain]]).  AdamW reached out to akurtakov
for thoughts on ''uncertain'' JARs.
* Merged autotest and autotest-client packages using the single upstream
source.  Started moving content into standard Fedora locations.  The new
packages will come from a single .spec file and build autotest (client)
and autotest-server (server).  This seems to make more packaging sense
and helps focus efforts on GWT for the time being.

''This week''
* Process akurtakov's feedback and remove all ''uncertain'' JAR files
from the list (see [[User:Jlaska/gwt#Status_uncertain]]).

== Open discussion - <Your topic here> ==

=== Rawhide Acceptance Testing ===

Last week, 2010-01-21 was the first pre-Alpha rawhide acceptance test
milestone.  Jkeating worked around a glibc bug by including the previous
build.  Install images were built and posted on alt.fedoraproject.org.
Since AutoQA doesn't yet monitor this location for new install images,
tests were initiated manually.

Test Summary:
* Automated ''rats_install'' fail
** Timeouts due to slow link in PHX2 (infrastructure investigating)
** Problems with compose format - rats_install doesn't yet support
stage2= and repo=
* Manual tests pass when using
* Results available at

Next Steps:
* Fix AutoQA ''rats_install'' to support stage2= and repo= values
* Fix AutoQA post-tree-compose hook to monitor for RAT droppings (see
[https://fedorahosted.org/autoqa/ticket/115 ticket#115])
* 2010-01-28 test run (see [https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/3292
rel-eng ticket#3292])

= Upcoming QA events =

* 2010-01-21 - Pre-Alpha Rawhide Acceptance Test Plan #1
* 2010-01-28 - Pre-Alpha Rawhide Acceptance Test Plan #2
* 2010-02-04 - Pre-Alpha Rawhide Acceptance Test Plan #3
* 2010-02-05 - Alpha Blocker Meeting (F13Alpha) #1
* 2010-02-11 - Test Alpha 'Test Compose' (boot media testing)
* 2010-02-12 - Alpha Blocker Meeting (F13Alpha) #2

= Action items =

# jlaska to add bugzilla shared query links to Common_Bugs wiki page
# jlaska and beland to keep working on the process
# wwoods and kparal to talk about design ideas
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