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#48: NFSv4 Test Day
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 The page looks good.  I see you have made a few corrections already.
 Thanks for pushing forward with the content.

 As we get closer, we should provide more test prep/setup information.  For
 example, how can testers test the latest NFS v4 code.  Whether they need
 to download a nightly live image, or install Fedora 13 Alpha, or install
 Fedora 12 (and apply test packages).  Also, I assume the test case
 instructions will provide the details, but guidance on downloading the
 connectathon test.

 I moved the page into the anonymous "Test_Day" namespace so you can have
 anonymous feedback from testers
 QA/Test_Day:2010-03-02_NFS] ->

 I've updated the [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Fedora_13_test_days
 test day schedule] to include NFSv4 testing on 2010-03-02.

 The next steps I believe are:
 Complete the test cases] - If you, or someone else, are able to gather the
 content for the test cases, I (and likely others on test at l.fh.org) can
 assist cleaning up the cases for proper formatting etc...
  2. ~ 1 week prior,
 promote the test day] to the lists you mentioned in comment#3.

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