[Fedora QA] #46: Write Test cases for LXDE components.

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Tue Jan 26 23:30:35 UTC 2010

#46: Write Test cases for LXDE components.
  Reporter:  johannbg  |       Owner:  johannbg
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Comment (by johannbg):

 This ticket never was nor is intended to develop test cases.

 I created it to keep track on components I ( or others ) had written test
 cases for on the wiki and was just going to updated it with link to the
 test cases and how to debug pages on the wiki for the given component
 after I had finished writing them.

 Any discussion around test cases fit and finish and other various tasks
 should take place on the LXDE mailing on fpo right ;) Did you blog
 anything about the fact that Fedora has it's own LXDE mailing list now?
 The LXDE planets feed is the worst of planet feed I have come across so
 far so I might have missed it in all that crappy "tweet" flood that goes
 on there..

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