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#16: Create Installer repo test(s)
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Comment (by rhe):

 Replying to [comment:10 jlaska]:
 > <skip>
 >  * modifying the tests so that they also verify whether the expected
 packages or package groups provided by the custom yum repos appear on the
 subsequent package detail screen.
 >  * also, updating the tests to confirm that you can select a package
 provided by the added yum repo and ensure it's selected and installed as

 I've modified the test cases for covering these 2 points.

 >  * I think each test might also add the following instructions to
 confirm all create/modify/delete operations work on the added repos.
 >    1. Add a new yum repo using the recommended method (CD/DVD, http, nfs
 >    1. Remove the created repo
 >    1. Add it again ... then modify the repo (changing the name)
 >    1. Enable and disable the created repository

 I can see that you want to make the test cases cover more conditions. But
 here I agree with Liam that if we do so, the test cases may have too much
 possible conditions and look very wired. I think we design general cases
 to serve our need and that's ok.

 So I improved especially mirrorlist repo case and now we have covered the
 following items:

 1. Check the existing repos listed in the screen.
 2. Provide new repo address by Add/modify buttion to have additional one.
 3. The method includes HTTP/FTP, CD/DVD, NFS.
 4. Verify them in next screen and after reboot.

 > To accomplish the first 2 points, we may need to create several sample
 yum repos (hosted on one of our fedorapeople.org pages) that provides the
 needed conditions to satisfy the tests.  The command {{{createrepo -g
 comps.xml /path/to/packages}}} can be used to create a yum repo with
 package groups.  The comps.xml file used with FEdora is included in the
 repodata directory (see

 I've made some experiments on my pc by setting up a local apache to test
 it. It works but I don't know how to host them on fedorapeople.org pages
 for everyone to use. Is it very tough? :)

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