Quantity of Digest Issues

Robert C. Lightfoot boblfoot at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 21:12:32 UTC 2010

Dear Testing Community:
     I am new to Fedora Testing so this may be a newbie or repeat 
question and if so I apologize.
     I was under the impression that the Test-Digest was a daily 
mailing.  Is any one else puzzled or concerned like I am about receiving 
4 or 5 digests on some days.
      If each had 12 or 20 topics I could see the need to split them up, 
but the count is 4-1-4-3 for issues 62-65 all with an issue date of 
2010-01-27 for example.

Bob Lightfooot

P.S. - Just curious if anyone can shed light on why and when digests are 

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