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#16: Create Installer repo test(s)
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Comment (by rhe):

 Replying to [comment:15 jlaska]:
 > <skip>
 > Yeah, you should have access to create a fedorapeople.org page.  Take a
 look at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/fedorapeople.org for
 access information.
 > If you're able to create a small sample repo, with some dummy packages
 that can be used for producing consistent test results ... it might not be
 a bad thing to try.  Possibly overkill, and I don't know if this might be
 helpful for your repo needs, but checkout
 https://fedorahosted.org/rpmfluff/ for a quick way to build packages that
 meet specific criteria (name, version, release).

 Thanks for your helpful info, James. WoW I've learned a lot since modifing
 these cases..The [http://rhe.fedorapeople.org/ testing repo] has been set
 up. I wrote the mini.xml so that this repo contains unique strategy(Repo
 Test), group(Mini Repo) and package(kong-0.1.1.noarch). This package
 generated by rpmfluff has been verified to install easily through system

 Therefore, I updated
 http_repository] case. Any comment/improvement welcomed. I love overkill,
 thanks. :)

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