Broken deps : Three types of package maintainers

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Fri Jan 29 18:03:20 UTC 2010

Apparently, with regard to broken dependency notifications, there are
three types of package maintainers:

(1) The I-do-not-care-and-give-a-s**t-about-the-reports type of maintainer,
who ignores the reports and possibly filters the private mails into Trash.

(2) The blasphemy!-false-positives!-my-pkg-is-not-broken-wtf type of
maintainer, who either flames me immediately after receiving the first
report or after several weeks when the private mails still haven't

(3) The I-understand-the-problem-or-I-ask type of maintainer, who fixes a
broken dependency silently, or who asks for help, and who is easy to deal

Obviously, I prefer type (3). There is no need to spend any time on
sending acknowledgements about broken deps reports to me privately,
especially not if the Rawhide report has found the same broken deps.
But please think twice before having a whinge in a private reply and
accusing me of false positives.

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