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Bob Lightfoot boblfoot at
Thu Jul 1 00:16:12 UTC 2010

Dear Test Community:
      Being in the queue for Proven-Tester status and waiting for a 
mentor I am spending my time testing packages as they reach 
updates-testing.  I thought I'd share for discussion the protocol I am 
using when I have a test night.  Keep in mind I wrote this for my use on 
a Host System with 6 VMs {2-F12; 2-F13 and 2-F14 when released}, but I 
think portions will have broader applications.

# Steps used to provide karma for updates-testing releases

1.  run ./ and install all updates from updates-testing into 
all VMs

# Apply the following to each VM once the script concludes

2.  Open the VM with the GUI tool and perform System - Shutdown - Restart

****  In case of an error or avc denial -- report -1 karma against the 
offending package
****  It may be necessary to fresh install and install updates-testing 
on at a time to find offender

3.  Open terminal and run yum list installed | grep updates-testing >> 

4.  In First Terminal nano packs-to-test-$(DATE)

5.  Test the application for any package you readily recognize and add # 
-1/0/+1 comment before the package in packs-to-test-$(DATE)

6.  For packages you don't readily recognize in Second Terminal run 
command repoquery --alldeps --whatrequires packagename

7.  Test an application related to the package and add # -1/0/+1 comment 
before the package in packs-to-test-$DATE

8.  You may decide not to test a package in item 5 or 7 due to time or 
unfamiliarity this is OK.  Volunteer Help and Testing is appreciated 
where you can.

9.  When all package tests are complete save packs-to-test-$(DATE) and 
in Second Terminal run su -c "fedora-easy-karma"

10.  You can CTRL-ALT-ARROW between terminals to get your logged tests 
results to input to fedora-easy-karma

11.  Close the WM and proceed to the next test bed.

Hope this is a starting point and yes I welcome suggestions to make me a 
better tester,

Bob Lightfoot - boblfoot

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