Interactive white boards and Fedora Xorg setup

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On 07/03/2010 05:10 AM, Rodd Clarkson wrote:
> Hi,
> I regularly use (a variety of) interactive white boards and the single
> biggest frustration is getting the pointer device working so it's
> actually useable.
> Let me give you an example.
> I plug and IWB into my laptop and Fedora configures is as an extension
> to my desktop.  This is great because I can drag what I want to appear
> on the IWB and not have to reveal my entire desktop.
> The pointer device in the IWB works and I can use it as a mouse, but
> it's rendered unusable because the mouse acts across the entire desktop
> (both my laptop screen and the IWB).
> Unlike a mouse, these pointer devices move the mouse pointer to where
> you touch the screen.  For example, if the IWB is to the right of my
> laptop screen and I touch the right edge of the screen then the mouse
> pointer appears on the right side of my laptop screen, and not where
> I've touched the screen.
> The pointer device included with the IWB needs to be able to be
> configured to do two things:
> 1.  Only work as a device for the IWB screen.  The mouse shouldn't be
> able to be moved off the screen, only around it.
> 2.  Calibrate the pointer so that you can declare the
> top/bottom/left/right of the screen (as where the image falls on the
> pointer device isn't usually at the extremes of the device.)
> Is this possible?
> Does this make sense?
> Is this something that's included in f13 (if it is I can't find it) or
> could it be included as a part of f14.  As far as I'm concerned this is
> a huge feature as I'm constantly finding IWB pointer devices are useless
> unless I mirror (and mirroring reveals my desktop and usually squashes
> the icons as the laptop screen has to be sized down and then I have to
> move the icons back).
> Rodd


I've seen those white boards before. One option you might try is to
disable the display on the laptop so that the IWB was the primary
display. But I do like the idea of being able to tie a input device to a

I could see this feature being useful in a normal dual monitor setup as
well.. where you have a mouse that moves on both screens, but a tablet
that is bound to only one screen. Using a tablet on a dual screen setup
is tough because the horizontal is really touchy.


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