Proven tester wiki love

Aaron Faanes dafrito at
Tue Jul 6 00:33:35 UTC 2010

I went to work a bit on jdulaney's fork of the proven tester page to
make the mentorship-merging stuff fit a little more smoothly, and I
sort of got carried away. I'd normally just add this as a new revision
for Proven_testers, but it's pretty substantially revised. It probably
needs to get re-reviewed:

I can write up a summary of the major differences, but I figure I
should only toss out one wall-of-text at a time. ;) Basically, I took
the current one, and tried to expand on places that were shallow (like
testing criteria) and made other sections flow a lot better (like the
old Feedback section).

I feel the need to mention I refer to critpath packages as just
critical packages and critical updates, instead of critical path
packages and critical path updates. This is purely a stylistic change:
when I was reading it out loud, I trip over the alliteration of "path
packages" a lot. Let me know if this (or anything else) is a mortal

-- Aaron Faanes

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