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On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 21:12 -0400, John Dulaney wrote:
> I like it
> J. H. Dulaney
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> > Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 19:33:35 -0500
> > Subject: Proven tester wiki love
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> > 
> > I went to work a bit on jdulaney's fork of the proven tester page to
> > make the mentorship-merging stuff fit a little more smoothly, and I
> > sort of got carried away. I'd normally just add this as a new
> revision
> > for Proven_testers, but it's pretty substantially revised. It
> probably
> > needs to get re-reviewed:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > I can write up a summary of the major differences, but I figure I
> > should only toss out one wall-of-text at a time. ;) Basically, I
> took
> > the current one, and tried to expand on places that were shallow
> (like
> > testing criteria) and made other sections flow a lot better (like
> the
> > old Feedback section).
> > 
> > I feel the need to mention I refer to critpath packages as just
> > critical packages and critical updates, instead of critical path
> > packages and critical path updates. This is purely a stylistic
> change:
> > when I was reading it out loud, I trip over the alliteration of
> "path
> > packages" a lot. Let me know if this (or anything else) is a mortal
> > sin.

Thanks for drafting.  

I agree with John.  I like the updates draft.  I made a few *minor* wiki
changes, feel free to revert if desired.  This new draft feels less like
two distinct pages, and more like something that developed on its own.
This might be more reflective of my reading style, but I'm trying to
think of ways to organize the "Providing feedback" content in a way that
is easy to scan/reference content.  

I was thinking about organizing your existing "Providing feedback"
content into 3 sub-sections:

== Providing feedback ==
=== Negative karma ===
=== Neutral karma ===
=== Positive karma ===

You have some good examples for the appropriate type of feedback.  It
might seem obvious to some, but it's not always clear what type of
feedback to give.  Does this clutter your draft too much?  You are more
adept at organizing wiki content, so I trust your instincts.

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