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Wed Jul 7 04:57:30 UTC 2010

#70: proventesters request - tomspur
  Reporter:  tomspur                      |       Owner:  jlaska
      Type:  proventester request         |      Status:  closed
  Priority:  major                        |   Milestone:        
 Component:  Proventester Mentor Request  |     Version:        
Resolution:  fixed                        |    Keywords:        
Comment (by lmacken):

 Replying to [comment:4 jlaska]:
 > Thanks Thomas.  Great question, I believe the Fedora updates system
 (bodhi) is setup to require proventester feedback for critpath packages in
 all releases.  However, I'm confirming with lmacken to be sure.

 Yes, bodhi currently requires proventester feedback for critical path
 updates across all releases in bodhi.

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