flash player 64bit?

Jonathan Kamens jik at kamens.us
Wed Jul 7 14:01:03 UTC 2010

  On 7/7/2010 9:55 AM, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> Thanks for the pointer. Your install method works just great.
> ...Unfortunately, it also still means that certain sites still do not
> play video correctly due to issues with nspluginwrapper. I'd hate to
> think that this bug, #579092 which I reported back in April, hasn't even
> been moved to assigned status because the website most affected is
> http://foxnews.com but the fact is that it hasn't even been looked at.
Perhaps that's because others can't reproduce it.

I have no trouble at all playing videos from http://foxnews.com/ after 
using the instructions on the Fedora Wiki for wrapping the 32-bit flash 
plugin on my 64-bit system. This is true whether or not I have the 
flashblock extension enabled.


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