Broken dependencies with Fedora 13 + updates-testing - 2010-07-02

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Wed Jul 7 17:53:14 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-07-07 at 07:55 -0400, Josh Boyer wrote:

> >> >Just to note that the maintainer did actually submit an update for this,
> >> >but it doesn't seem to have been pushed yet, for no apparent reason.
> >> >I've asked releng about this.
> >> 
> >> Reason:  I started the push last Friday.  If failed, for the same reason it
> >> failed Thursday, which is due to a bug in bodhi that allows obsoleted critpath
> >> updates to get pushed to stable.  I told the bodhi owner about it.  Then, I
> >> left for the weekend due to the major holiday in the United States.
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >> Is that apparent enough for you?
> >
> >Now it is, yes. An apparent reason is one that can be found. Prior to
> >the sending of this mail, the reason was not listed anywhere and hence
> >was, indeed, not apparent. =)
> Your tone sucks.  "No apparent reason" translates to "everything is working
> fine but it still hasn't been pushed".  Things weren't working fine, and the
> owner of the code was notified.  What you really meant was "I don't know why
> it hasn't been pushed."

Please don't put words into my mouth. When I write "No apparent reason",
it does not translate to that. It translates exactly to 'I don't know
why it hasn't been pushed', and that is indeed the literal meaning of
the words I wrote. I'm sorry if you didn't interpret them that way, but
that was certainly not my intention.

> Someone could just as well say "There are hundreds of updates in Bodhi that
> have no QA feedback on them for no apparent reason."

Someone could indeed say such a thing. People can say anything, as long
as no-one else is exercising direct physical control over their vocal
cords. =)

I would say, however, that it would not be true, because the main reason
(that we don't have enough testers to provide feedback on every update)
has in fact been explained publicly multiple times. Thus this case is
not, in fact, the same.

> >It always seems a bit unfortunate when lots of stuff shuts down whenever
> >it's a public holiday in the U.S. It's a bit of a dead giveaway that a
> >lot of stuff is still performed only by Red Hat staff working in the
> >U.S. Obviously that's not your problem, just an observation. I'd love it
> I'm not a Red Hat employee.  I do live in the US though.

Sure. As I tried to make clear in all the bits you cut out, it was in
the way of being a general point. This case just happened to make me
think about it.
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