/media directory weirdness

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 19:22:37 UTC 2010


I'm using a Seagate USB hard drive which is divided into 3 partitions, 2
ext3 and one NTFS. There is new very weird behavior when it comes to
directories in the /media folder. 

The partition names are:
Ankur_backup, Stuff, NTFS Temp

at times when I plug in my external HDD, the /media dir has

Ankur_backup, Stuff, NTFS Temp (all empty)


Ankur_backup_ , Stuff_ , NTFS Temp_ ( with the files in them)

Is this a known issue? I *always* safely remove the HDD. The trouble is
that I can't exactly reproduce what causes these bogus folders to stay.
At times, safely removing the HDD and unplugging the HDD leaves no dirs
in /media, but again, sometimes it leaves blank dirs.

I came to realize this when rhythmbox failed to find my collection (all
my music is in the HDD Ankur_backup partition). I checked to see if it
was properly mounted and found the Ankur_backup and Ankur_backup_

Any help/pointers would be appreciated. At the moment, I manually remove
the empty folders if I see them, and then plug in my HDD. 


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