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I am wondering, how hard would it be to modify Bodhi to require extra Karma for kernels?  Who should I talk to about this possibility?
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> Actually, re-reading them, both versions tend to emphasize the negative
> feedback scenarios more than the positive. We should fix that. Positive
> feedback is in a way more important than negative, because we *need*
> proven testers to leave at least +1 on each critpath update (that
> doesn't have a problem, obviously) or it will not get published. We
> should probably explicitly call out that, in general, if you don't hit
> any of the negative or neutral feedback scenarios discussed, you should
> leave positive feedback.
> Thinking about it, though, we could consider a slightly different
> process for the kernel, as it's a component that's *extremely* subject
> to different experiences for different users. I'm not sure the workflow
> we've designed will work terribly well for kernels. I suspect it'll be
> all too easy for a kernel which actually contains a major regression to
> be approved; all it needs is for a proventester who doesn't happen to
> own the hardware concerned to find it works fine on their system, and
> file a +1, and anyone else to file a +1 too, and it'd be approved, even
> though someone who does own the hardware might come by and test an hour
> later and find the problem...
> we might want to design a system for the kernel where all proventesters
> hold off posting positive feedback for a day or two, until several
> proventesters and regular testers have had the chance to check for
> regressions.
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