Musicians' Guide in Development; Testing Needed!

Christopher Antila crantila at
Fri Jul 9 07:27:54 UTC 2010


The Docs SIG is working on a guide for some of Fedora's music and audio
software, to be released with Fedora 14.  The Musicians' Guide is being
written primarily by me, as part of the Fedora Summer Coding program.
Some of the first drafts are complete, with others being added regularly.

I would greatly appreciate the help of all willing parties, to read the
documents, establish and ensure consistency, and check for grammar.  You
are even invited to use the documents to learn the software, if you wish
- all programs contain a tutorial where concepts are explained in the
context of producing a useful sound file.

The following web page will be updated regularly, as new material for
testing is written.

All comments and any assistance are appreciated.


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