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#83: Clarify installer test coverage with i18n team
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  Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  Fedora 14    
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Changes (by rhe):

 * cc: petersen at redhat.com (added)


 Sorry, replied to the duplicated thread, which has been closed.

 I had a talk with Jens earlier through IRC, and he reviewed current tests.
 He thought the tests and their grouping idea are generally good so far,
 here I included his main comments.

 <juhp> anyway overall I think it looks good so far
 <juhp> you might need some adjustments after doing some real testing...
 <juhp> also f13 has nice feature of enabling kbd switcher automatically in
 some cases

 Next step I will do some real tests to adjust the steps. Regarding to the
 auto enabling switcher function, I don't have any physical keyboard other
 than qwerty. Can anyone who has other kinds of physical keyboard please
 test whether anaconda behaves different from using qwerty kbd during
 installation? I don't think so. But if yes, I will write a test about it.


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