gathering useful statistics for QA team

Kamil Paral kparal at
Tue Jul 20 13:13:12 UTC 2010


we would like to help QA team to increase public participation in its
activities. We believe that an important step in achieving that is in
rewarding the most active participants with "fame" in different top
tens, ladders and charts. Therefore we would like to extend the current
Fedora Community website [1] with different statistics regarding user
participation in different areas relevant to your team. We have called
this project "Fedora Hall of Fame" [2]. This information can then be used
in different newsletters (FWN, etc) to praise the best people and motivate
the others.

The information we hope to receive from you is:
1. What are the most important tools you would like to have tracked?
For example it can be your wiki, mailing lists, Bugzilla, Koji, Bodhi,
Transifex, packages' source code, and so on.
2. What are the most important characteristics you would like to see
gathered? For example: # of wiki edits, # of new bug reports, # of
package updates released, etc. Some of our ideas are at [3].

In short, we're looking for hints which statistical data would help
your team most in evaluating your best contributors.

We can't promise you we will gather exactly the information that you
would like to see. But if you tell us what you need, we can concentrate
on the relevant tasks for you rather than on the irrelevant.

Feel free to ask for any details.[4]

Kamil Páral

[4] This email was sent to many teams' mailing lists, so it might be
a little generic. But the meaning should be clear, I hope.

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