[SoaS] remix soas-v4-0725-Remix.iso available for testing (fedora-livecd-soas.ks with generic logos)

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sun Jul 25 16:20:51 UTC 2010

I have uploaded  soas-v4-0725-Remix.iso. As nightly composes are still 
not working.

It is fedora-livecd-soas.ks with  generic  logos. built with 
f14(rawhide) build system.

It boots fine
Only bug is you have to do
 setenforce 0
to get Presence to work

Tom Gilliard


Thomas C Gilliard wrote:
> I have discovered that there is a problem with the fedora-logo package 
> in f14(rawhide) livecd-creator builds
> With:
> fedora-livecd-soas.ks
> and
> fedora-livecd-desktop.ks
> If you add these lines to build;
>> # strip fedora trademarks until we've approval
>> -fedora-logos
>> generic-logos
> The CD will boot correctly
> without these lines you get a selinux line and then a blank screen 
> when booting the CD
> It looks like a fedora problem.
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=617115
> Tom Gilliard
> satellit

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