First boot does not appear on livinst to USB with f14(rawhide) livecd-creator with fedora-livecd-soas-generic.ks (generic logos)

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at
Sun Jul 25 18:58:47 UTC 2010

After a successful install with livinst to USB with f14(rawhide) 
livecd-creator using fedora-livecd-soas-generic.ks (generic logos) CD
-generic logos are needed to make the livecd-creator to make a bootable 
CD this is a separate bug:
(build was done 07/25/2010)

1-)First boot appears ONLY if there is no hard disk installed on the 
laptop where the USB boots.
    after filling in the user and password and going to gdm: It is 
impossible to log in.
   (one time I saw a message that first boot sent a time stamp of 
0:00:00 on shutdown?) It did not reappear.

2-) If there IS another Hard Disk present with fedora installed on it; 
the USB boots to it after starting on the USB then resetting, and never 
shows first boot.

It looks like the first boot application has a bug.

Tom Gilliard

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