L10N QA Template for F14

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 20:16:16 UTC 2010

Em Qua, 2010-07-28 às 15:12 +0800, He Rui escreveu:
> > Unfortunately, the i18n team doesn't have a specific test case template
> > to cover keyboard testings in Anaconda [1]. But we do have test cases
> > covering i18n installation [2].
> Hehe, these tests are created by myself with guidance from Adam, James
> and Jens. But I think [2] should be renamed as l10n installation since
> l10n team is in charge of the translation? 

Those tests are labeled as language tests but they are also intended for
input method testing, what is more related to i18n IMHO. On the other
hand, they are more properly handled by the l10n because of their
requirements. So maybe we just need to add a link in the l10n tests
template pointing to the i18n installation tests cases along with some
additional instructions, because I'm sure that most translators are not
aware of i18n test cases. 

> > Anyway, we still have to write a specific test
> > case template if we want help from the L10N members. I believe this is
> > worth testing because we had a lot of trouble with this issue during the
> > Fedora 13 development cycle.
> Yeah, recently I found a bug(#617040) in F13 GA which even prevents
> install by using Arabic language. This is one of the issues which should
> have been discovered under the F13 cycle. 
> So to improve on this, in F14 cycle, how about we hosting it as a test
> day topic[3]? The translation is gonna be finished after Alpha phase, so
> this test day could be someday in the beta phase targeting on language
> translation and keyboard tests in anaconda for Beta candidates. Test
> cases[2] could be further modified or changed for use, and then we need
> to find testers both inside and outside the groups to maximum the
> participation and bugs discovery on that day(s).  
> What do you think of this?

Hosting it as a test day is a great idea, so we can have l10n and i18n
guys together. I can send an email to the l10n list asking for
collaboration. Software translation deadline is on 2010-08-31, so we
could have the test day on 2010-09-02. There is an open slot. What do
you think?

> [1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:I18n_Test_Cases
> [2] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:I18n_Installation
> [3] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Fedora_14_test_days

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