[Fedora QA] #112: 'Translation/Keyboard in anaconda' Test Day - 2010/09/09

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#112: 'Translation/Keyboard in anaconda' Test Day - 2010/09/09
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 As talked with Igor in test list, this test day will be held on
 2010/09/09, this ticket is used to track this event.[[BR]]

 So far, we have [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:I18n_Installation
 Category:I18n_Installation] as test cases for this test day. But these
 tests need be modified, and maybe new tests will be added to have a better
 coverage for testing. [[BR]]

 Please mark this day in your calender, and help gathering participation by
 announcing it both inside and outside the teams when it's coming. [[BR]]

 If you have any concern, feel free to reply directly in this ticket.

 Many thanks,[[BR]]


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