Release criteria proposal: automated bug checking tools functionality

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Fri Jul 30 22:29:00 UTC 2010

So, in the blocker meeting today we discussed having specific criteria
for the functionality of automated bug handling tools (currently, that
would be abrt and setroubleshoot, and I think KDE has its own tool
similar to abrt as well).

I'd like to propose the following two criteria:

* Automated bug handling tools intended to be present in each build
should be present and functional to the point of generating valid error
reports and storing them. (Alpha)

* Automated bug handling tools present in each build must be able to
generate valid bug reports and report them to the appropriate bug
tracking tool. (Beta)

I don't think we need Alpha to ship with reporting capabilities intact,
it's something we can fix post-Alpha release and not lose much, since
people will be able to submit stored reports once the bug is fixed. Or
is this again too complex and we should just go with the more stringent
requirement at Alpha stage?
Adam Williamson
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