Help us with reviewing automated tests

Josef Skladanka jskladan at
Wed Jun 9 11:05:29 UTC 2010

Hello gang,

It's been something over a week since my first email, so I'd like to 
give you heads up on the current status.

Even though the movement on the initsctipt tests review is not as huge 
as one might dream of, it's deffinitelly going forward. We're on 30% 
done on he current milestone 
and I'd like to thank to all the folks (jlaska, maxamillion) who 

Special kudos to Scott M Ferguson, who decided to join and help us!

This said, I'd like to put in remembrance, that you still can join the 
process and contribute to either this, or any other AutoQA milestone 
<> - try it out, get involved, 
and be part of the team creating awesome tools.

If you're interested, don't hesitate and contact either me, or any other 
AutoQA developer via e-mail or IRC on #fedora-qa channel at!

Looking forward to hearing from you


On 05/31/2010 02:47 PM, Josef Skladanka wrote:
> Hello gang,
> as a member of Fedora QA team, I'd like to ask you, our precious
> community members, to help us with reviewing (and possibly creating) new
> automated tests.
> I'm not sure, if you're familliar with the awesome AutoQA project
> <>  - a Python based framework we
> use for automated testing. At the moment, we have tests focused on
> package/repo sanity some anaconda and install tests.
> Lately we started to work on tests which check LSB compliance of
> initscripts in Fedora. We already have some 'upstream' in the running
> AutoQA environment (e.g. openssh [output
> <>, test
> source
> <>]),
> but there are more to be reviewed and pushed 'upstream'.
> I've created a wiki page
> <>  which describes how
> could you help. I'll appreciate any feedback, and I'll be more than
> happy if you choose to participate on reviewing the test, so we all can
> benefit from having the initscripts LSB compliant, and maybe you'll get
> so interested in automated testing, that you'll decide to help us with
> developing the AutoQA and automating all kinds of tests.
> Regards
> joza

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