QA recommendations for F-14

James Laska jlaska at
Wed Jun 16 20:57:44 UTC 2010

Greetings folks,

As mentioned in the meeting earlier this week [1] I have been reviewing
the Fedora 13 QA retrospective feedback.  Thanks to all who contributed!
We have a really solid list of things to build on for Fedora 14.

I have organized the feedback into a series of recommendations for
Fedora 14.  Please take a moment to review the list at  The majority of recommendations are items QA can own, while there are a few points where action from other teams would be needed.

Please note, this list is not intended to capture *everything* the QA
team needs to do for Fedora 14.  The main focus is to associate the
problems and pain points of Fedora 13 with action plans for the upcoming
release.  Additionally, there were several interesting project ideas
captured in the feedback.  Not all of those ideas made it to the
recommendations due to time/resources.  However, I do need to move them
into our project idea bucket [2].

Much like we did after Fedora 12, I'll be asking folks for help working
through the recommendations.  Ideally this list will serve as a set of
tasks available to anyone interested in helping improve the next
release.  Quick, this is first come first serve! :) 


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