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#72: Proposal for reducing test permutations
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Comment (by rhe):

 Replying to [comment:6 adamwill]:
 > "Reason: In real world, users upgrade directly to the release after the
 next should be very few"
 > This is not actually the case. Quite a lot of people run alternate
 releases, because that's the longest possible refresh cycle allowed by our
 maintenance policies. People who don't want to go through the hassle of
 doing a distro upgrade every six months run alternate releases, so they
 only have to do it every twelve months.
 > "and no release criteria is defined on this"
 > Indeed this is true, but I believe this test exists because we recognize
 that, in practice, people do run alternate releases so we should at least
 know about and be able to document any issues with this.

 I see. If quite many people run alternative releases, I agree to keep this
 test, but then I hope the release criteria can reflect the priority of it
 rather than no priority like that in F13.

 > "Reason: In F14, the tests would be grouped according to install media,
 and default package install is included in each media installation. So I'd
 like to remove minimal install, since default one has already covered it."
 > I don't quite understand this. We test the minimal install functionality
 to make sure it works. Sure, all the same packages are in the default
 install, but that's not the same as saying the minimal installation
 function works as intended. Am I misreading you?

 As you said, my thought was that all the packages are the same in the
 default install, minimal one can be removed. But you're right, that
 doesn't mean the minimal install works, especially when James updated this

 > "Reason: How many people will install using ext2 filesystem?! "
 > Agreed, this one is outdated now. (Some people use ext2 on SSDs because
 they think journalling will kill the hardware, but such people are wrong.
 > "Reason: I think the other partitioning tests and
 QA/TestCases/BootMethodsKVM(Install on a new created kvm) have somehow
 covered this test. "
 > This seems reasonable.

 Many thanks for your comments Which make things more clear. :)

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