Proposed release criteria additions for F14+

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Tue Jun 29 21:44:19 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-06-24 at 11:28 -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Sorry for the cross-post, but figured it's worth CCing devel in case
> anyone has concerns on these.
> I'm currently working on a plan to expand desktop validation testing. As
> part of the discussion around this, Christoph Wickert proposed several
> additions to the release criteria that seem sensible to me. I'd like to
> propose we add these to the criteria for F14 and on:
> * Saving passwords in the desktop default keyring (if the desktop
>  implements one), and retrieving passwords from the keyring, must work
> * The desktop default update manager must not periodically check for
>  updates when the system is booted live, but must periodically check for
>  updates when running on an installed system
> * The desktop's offered mechanisms for shutting down, logging out and
>  rebooting must work
> Anyone have comments or objections to these? Suggestions for what
> release they should come in? I'd say #1 should be final and #2 and #3
> should be beta, off the top of my head.

I meant to send an email to this effect yesterday, but somehow I didn't,
though I clearly remember writing it. Very strange. Anyhow, since no-one
had objections to these criteria, I went ahead and added them to the F14
Beta and Final criteria:

I have adjusted two test cases to cover the update and session
management criteria:

and created a new test to cover the keyring criterion:

please do review these and make sure they make sense, and suggest any
possible improvements. Thanks! Note the cases are intentionally written
to be desktop-agnostic, the hedging and lack of references to a specific
desktop (e.g. GNOME) are intentional.
Adam Williamson
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