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On 6/30/10 11:25 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> and ask them to confirm that they've read the instructions, and that
> they're familiar with the process of enabling updates-testing and using
> the web interface or fedora-easy-karma to post feedback on updates. Then
> we should ask them to apply to the proventesters FAS group, and then
> sponsor them into the group. Ask them to let you know when they've filed
> their first batch of update feedback, and quickly look over it to make
> sure it looks in line with what we're aiming for.
> This is all coming off the top of my head, as I said, but I think it
> should be enough to get us going. Please do raise any suggestions,
> improvements, or anything I left out in my process. If anyone would like
> to go ahead and draft a mentor instructions Wiki page before I can (I've
> got to write the FWN QA beat next), please do!
> Alright, I'm off to pick a group of mentor-ees :)

Here is my thoughts.  Instead of having the mentoree sit around and wait
for a mentor to pick them, we should encourage them to read through the
wiki pages and start providing feedback.  Once picked by a mentor, the
mentor could already have a body of work to examine.  It's not like the
karma is going to be wasted, the feedback is good.  Lets try to limit
the points in time where somebody might be sitting idle waiting for
somebody else to do something.

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