RC4 graphical install fails in VirtualBox

Andre Robatino andre at bwh.harvard.edu
Mon Mar 1 15:33:48 UTC 2010

James Laska wrote:

> This type of issue is usually easier to debug on an already installed
> system.  I'd start with inspecting the X.log for failure messages.
> Not knowing any specifics, the usual set of workarounds I would try
> include booting with modesetting disabled, or forcing the use of a
> particular driver.

Using "system-config-display --noui" generated an xorg.conf file using
the vesa driver, and I now have X working in both F13 and Rawhide.  It's
probably a VirtualBox problem, not Fedora's fault.  I'm more concerned
with the failure of the graphical install itself.  It happened even when
I told it "Install system with basic video driver", and Alpha is
scheduled for about a week from now, so I want to report it in the RC4
test matrix if it's appropriate.

> Also, I'm curious what X driver was used on this setup in F-12,
> compared to F-13.

I haven't run F12 as a vbox guest so far.

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