RC4 graphical install fails in VirtualBox

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Mon Mar 1 16:21:00 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-03-01 at 06:30 -0500, Andre Robatino wrote:
> Should also mention that I'm using Sun's VirtualBox 3.1.4 (not
> rpmfusion's OSE version) and that after completing the RC4 installation,
> even after adding all graphical packages, running RC4 in graphical mode
> doesn't work either ("telinit 5" ends up hanging, although I can regain
> control with Ctrl-C).  Same is true with Rawhide after updating from
> RC4.  Don't know if there's any connection between the failure of the
> graphical install of RC4 and the failure of either RC4 or Rawhide to run
> graphically.

Should be fixed in xorg-x11-server  We can't
really package the vboxvideo driver yet because upstream is unwilling
and/or unable to provide interface stability to the vbox video device

- ajax
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