problem with F13 Alpha RC4 Intel core i3 330m and Intel HD Graphics chipset

Robert Williams rwilliam at
Thu Mar 4 16:57:01 UTC 2010

Hi All,
I just filed bz 570538 with a problem I am having with a new laptop with the core i3 330m processor, Intel HD Graphics video chip and 1600x900 native resolution LCD.
The screen goes blank during boot (on both an install and live DVD) unless nomodeset is used.
It seems to happen just as the modeset is attempted.
Is anyone else seeing this with an i3 or i5 based system and Intel HD Graphics video?
The work around is to use nomodeset and create an xorg.conf with vesa as the drive, but this is suboptimal as the resolution is very low.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions and feedback.

Robert M. Williams
rmw at

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