Initial install impressions f13 alpha

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Mon Mar 15 23:41:43 UTC 2010

Using the x86_64 DVD image to do install from hard disk seemed
to work well.

The new storage system is off the charts geeky and impossible
to use. I don't have the model numbers of my disks memorised
and stashed in my head to know which one is which. There is
absolutely no point in presenting me with a page that lists
obscure model numbers and asks which disks I want to include
in the install. The only conceivable answer is always going
to be all of them, because I can't possibly tell which is which
till I see them in the screen that lets me do formatting
and shows me pictures of the partitions on the disks. Even that
screen could use some help. I have labels on my partitions,
and if I edit the partition, it will tell me the current
label, but it would sure be handy to see the current label
in the list of all the disks and partitions as one of the columns
of info shown.

When navigating through anaconda with the tab key, it is
virtually impossible to tell which item is "current". The
colors for merely highlighted items are nearly identical
to selected items, and the selected color actually seems to be
slightly paler than the highlighted items, thus inverting
the tradition of selected things being quite dark blue
and highlighted things being very light blue.

During the install, the installer seemed to hang quite a
long time when it got to the "bind" package. I looked in
some of the Ctl-Alt-Fn terminals, and saw this at the
end of one screen (which I have now retrieved from

18:50:57,062 INFO anaconda: Preparing to install packages
18:51:19,406 WARNING anaconda: /usr/lib/anaconda/ GtkWarning: gtk_progress_set_percentage: assertion `percentage >= 0 && percentage <= 1.0' failed
  self.progress.set_fraction (newval)

18:51:33,925 WARNING anaconda: /usr/lib/anaconda/iw/ GtkWarning: Failed to set text from markup due to error parsing markup: Error on line 2 char 32: Element 'markup' was closed, but the currently open element is 'NAME'

By the time I finished looking around at the vterms, the
install had finally picked back up.

Now that I've recorded that before forgetting it, I'm off
to actually let it run firstboot...

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