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#59: Proposed Test Day - StorageFiltering
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Comment (by clumens):

 >  * iSCSI - Both software, and BIOS iSCSI (aka iBFT).

 I have not had the opportunity to do anything with iBFT, so this could be
 interesting (read: buggy).  Regular iSCSI should work just fine.

 >  * FCoE - I don't have hardware to validate this, but it might be worth
 reaching out to those who do have the hardware

 Likewise with FCoE, though I would love the opportunity to see testing on
 this.  If it fails or doesn't act quite right I'd love to get some extra
 debugging info here.

 >  * NFS/NBB - I don't believe the new UI allows for adding NFS/NBB root
 volumes, otherwise I would suggest including this.

 Correct - there's no UI for adding either of these.

 >  * usability testing? - I'm not experienced here, but the design team
 could be consulted if this makes sense.

 Feel free to pull in Mo.  Like you said in email, she did the design work
 on all of these screens so she should have some thoughts on how to best
 test them as well.

 I'll add a test case or two:

 * Multipath - I have this here so I can give it a test.

 * Installs involving protected devices (hdiso, updates on USB key, etc.).
 - I know this is buggy (bug 568343) but if we're coming up with a test
 suite for this for all time, it needs to be on there.

 * Kickstart installs without ignoredisk, with interactive, etc.

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