minimal install too minimal

Steve Grubb sgrubb at
Wed Mar 17 18:47:36 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 17 March 2010 02:41:02 pm Jesse Keating wrote:
> > Seems rather dumb for ethernet networking to be configured prior to
> > installation (via cmdline), and installation performed over ethernet, and
> > then have network not up by default on first boot, quite in contrast to
> > installation via OM or HD, which may never need any networking. 
> OM or HD installs also don't enable the network by default, the user
> will have to take some action to turn the network on in those cases.
> The minimal case is "special" because it is lacking in a number of
> packages, such as the NetworkManager stack, which is Fedora's preferred
> method of managing the network.

It was not the intent of the minimal platform install project to have a non-
functioning network. It used to work, so this would be a regression.


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