Intel X-25M 80GB Generation 2 - F13 Beta TC install fail

John H maximus0206 at
Wed Mar 24 02:22:37 UTC 2010

I just bought a new intel x25-m 80GB Gen2 drive, flashed to the latest
firmware and was going to install the F13 Beta TC. This drive is seen by my
F12 install, and I have formatted, created an ext4 partition on it, copied
files, deleted files, etc. The drive is fine.

Using the F13 Beta TC, after the selection of a basic drive setup, anaconda
says that the drive must be reinitialized, and after allowing it to
reinitialize, setup continues until its time to write the changes that you
select for the partitions and file systems, giving an error that Asking for
cache data failed, and failed to read capacity. I tried both AHCI and IDE
mode just to see if that might have an effect.
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