rsync for serverbeach1?

Andre Robatino andre at
Sat Mar 27 22:22:03 UTC 2010

Actually, zsync would be a better choice than rsync, since its efficiency should
be identical in the same situations, but unlike rsync, it puts the CPU burden on
the client instead of the server.  Unfortunately, it's not available for Fedora
yet (at least in the standard repos).  So I guess the questions are, how long
before zsync is available, and would the server be capable of running rsync
until then?

Another reason this would be useful is that the programs for creating and using
deltaisos currently only allow one input ISO.  I did some casual browsing of the
source code, and from what I can tell fixing this isn't just a trivial matter of
adding a loop.  However, as long as one of the install disc sets consists of a
single disc (such as the DVD ISO currently), deltaisos can be provided for just
that (which I've been doing), and then rsync/zsync could be used to convert
between the different disc sets for a given Fedora version.  Even if the DVD set
splits, there's still dual layer and Blu-ray, so for the foreseeable future
there should still exist a single large install image.

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