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Pratyush Sahay pratyush.a.sahay at
Sat May 1 11:34:40 UTC 2010

Hi guys,

I am very excited about joining the Fedora Bug-Zappers group. I have
been using Fedora since Werewolf was released, and
have seen it grow into an OS that's cutting edge, but dependable, and
defines the path for the linux world upstream projects.

true to the spirit of Open Source softwares, i also feel its high time
for me to contribute whatever small little i can from my side
to the continued development of Fedora Project. I have some experience
with system administrator administration tasks, and

have a working knowledge of C/C++ .

As for my introduction, my name is Pratyush Sahay, 22 years old,
residing at Chennai (india).

Thanks for accepting me into the Fedora Project and looking forward to
contributing my bit for the development of the distro

that we all love so much..


Pratyush Sahay
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