[Test-Announce] F-13 Blocker Meeting 2010-04-30 @ 16:00 UTC (12 PM EDT)

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon May 3 13:57:41 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-05-01 at 18:10 +0200, Christoph Wickert wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 30.04.2010, 10:41 -0400 schrieb James Laska:
> > On Fri, 2010-04-30 at 16:23 +0200, Thomas Spura wrote:
> > > I'm not sure, if I can be there, but could you please consider bug
> > > #572137 as a F13Blocker?
> > 
> > Greetings Thomas, thanks for raising this issue.
> > 
> > > That bug doesn't destroy anything, but atm it's not possible to save
> > > passwords in evolution or NetworkManager and get access to them later
> > > again!
> > > Furtheremore there is a fix proposed there...
> > 
> > The proposed fix seems quite sane, enough to qualify for F13Target (nice
> > to have).  Have you heard from the gnome-keyring maintainer (cc'd) for
> > thoughts on the proposed fix, and impact of the change?
> I have set the bug to NEEDINFO now, hopefully Tomáš replies soon.
> > To determine how many users would be impacted by this bug ... is it
> > common to use nm-applet from a KDE desktop?  I would think the preferred
> > wireless connectivity method is to use knetworkmanager.  
> KDE uses knetworkmanager but both Xfce and LXDE use nm-applet and these
> spins will suffer a from a serious regression if this is not fixed.
> Please make this a blocker!

Thanks for the additional information Thomas and Christoph, I was not
aware that this issue impacts passphrase entry on the LXDE and XFCE
spins.  The gnome-keyring maintainer, Tomáš Bžatek (cc'd), has been
notified, and will post an update to the bug soon.

When the release criteria were revised for Fedora 13, we were very open
that they relate to the default desktop environment, unless otherwise
stated.  We wanted to pilot the new criteria against a manageable
package set before opening the firehose and extending it to all spins.
This wasn't out of malice or spite, just a method of sanely rolling out
the improved criteria in such a way we could manage the process.  We'll
be looking to improve this once Fedora 13 is released.

Under the current release criteria [1], this issue does not qualify as a
release blocker.  This doesn't mean the issue cannot be fixed prior to
release, or as a day0 update.  In fact, it seems like tbzetak is already
working the problem.  It does mean that this issue alone would not
result in a 1 week slip of Fedora 13.


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_13_Final_Release_Criteria
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