Pre-upgrade to F13Beta can't find my root filesystem

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at
Wed May 5 18:44:20 UTC 2010

On 05/04/2010 05:05 PM, James Laska wrote:
> preupgrade is the automated process.  You'll likely need to get your
> hands dirty to work around any issues that are resolved in newer
> preupgrade releases.

I can see that.  B^)

> You can try building and running the latest preupgrade on your Fedora 10
> system.

Gives the same results.  I have the same 2 issues depending on which
release I try and install:

Fedora 11 or Fedora 12:

preupgrade fails while setting up the repos.  It doesn't matter if I
delete /boot/upgrade and /var/cache/yum/preupgrade* before I start or
not.  (I'm probably missing something else here as it still asks me if I
want to continue my previous attempt.)  The actual error is:


If I hit the retry button, it immediately complains about repository
preupgrade-main being listed more than once in the configuration.

Fedora 13 Beta

preupgrade chugs along, downloads the packages, sets up the reboot
stuff, and lets me reboot.

After rebooting (and selecting the Fedora 13 Branch if necessary), it
starts up, brings up the Blue screen, starts Anaconda, starts up the X
server, searches for storage devices, finds my 2 disk drives, and waits
for me to select them and hit the forward button.  The minute I push it,
it tells me that it is unable to find my previous root filesystem.  It
doesn't matter if I mount it by hand on /mnt/sysimage myself or not
before pushing the forward button.

I did run it once with the loglevel=debug Anaconda option, and I noticed
that the log says that Fredora 10 is not upgrade-able to this release in
one of the DEBUG log messages.  I would have thought that this message
should be printed directly to the user....

What I have not yet tried is running with the "upgradeany" Anaconda
option which is the last thing I will try.

	If I can't upgrade using preupgrade, will I be able to upgrade using
the Fedora 13 i386 DVD upgrade process?  If so, what's the difference????

Thanks for the help, I know most of you are crunching to get Fedora 13

> Or, you can try playing with the boot arguments preupgrade setup.  I
> don't have them listed in front of me at the moment, but you need to
> tell the installer where to find the packages on disk (repo=), and where
> to find the stage#2 install image (stage2=).

Does it matter that the repo=hd::/var/cache/yum/preupgrade does not
contain a disk identifier?  On my system, /var is a separate partition
from either / or /boot.  I have tried changing it to:
with no change in my problem (still can't find my previous root filesystem)

> Acceptable values for both parameters are listed at

I read the document.  Thank-you.  Very informative.

> Thanks,
> James

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