VMware Server configuration question

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at hi.is
Thu May 6 14:29:36 UTC 2010

On 05/06/2010 01:13 PM, Robert G. (Doc) Savage wrote:
> The reason I want to get VMware Server up and running ASAP is Rob Lee's
> new SIFT 2.0 forensics package. Looks like a "must have" for anybody in
> the security biz.
> In the mean time I guess I'm between a rock and a hard place. F13 would
> be a natural host, but it's still beta so VMware won't even look at it.
> I was hoping one of the F13 kernel guys spotted my post and remembered
> something. Oh well.....

Stop depending on VMware and just convert the VMware image to KVM and 
use the virtualzation solution we provide and ship..


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