VMware Server configuration question

Robert G. (Doc) Savage dsavage at peaknet.net
Thu May 6 15:18:56 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-05-06 at 22:11 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> On 05/06/2010 07:39 AM, Robert G. (Doc) Savage wrote:
> > Trying to configure the latest VMware Server v2.0.2 under F13Beta.
> > (Annoyingly) near the beginning of vmware-config.pl -- in fact the next
> > question after "Where's the CC compiler?" -- it asks:
> >
> > What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your
> > running kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include]
> >
> > I've always answered <Enter> at this question and it was accepted. Now
> > it says:
> >
> > The path "/usr/src/linux/include" is not an existing directory.
> >
> > I don't have much to go on here. Does anyone know the right answer for
> > F13?
> >
> >   
> OK....Let's recap here....
> First, not sure if you want F13 as the "host" or the "guest"....  But
> the latest VMware server is, as you say, V2.0.2 and the latest build was
> on 27 October 2009.  So, you have a closed source application....which
> was released well before F13 and you want what?
> But, maybe you are interested in downloading and using the "SIFT
> Workstation VMware Appliance"?  If so, what is the relationship between
> it and F13?  AFAIK, the appliance will work as a VMware Server Appliance
> and as long as you have VMware server installed...on any platform, it
> will be just fine.  I don't think there is any such thing as a "natural
> host" in the context.

F13 will be the host with the SIFT package as a client VM pre-built for
VMware Server. I'm trying to get past this obstacle blocking my
installation and configuration of VM/S on F13. I fully understand the
fluid nature of the respective releases. VMware doesn't guarantee their
products will work with any partiular Fedora, but sooner or later
someone has always figured out how to make it work. In this case, with
similar kernels, there's the "carrot" of RHEL6 to get them to update
VM/S to make it compatible with F13.

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL

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