Test Report: nightly-compose-kde will not boot. gnome startx fails. 2010_05_06

colin colin at trancecode.co.uk
Thu May 6 21:38:00 UTC 2010

I attempted to boot from


which uses kernel vmlinuz- but it fails.

This is the machine from bug #557447

Even after I edit kernel command line to remove rhgb and quiet and add
radeon.modeset=0 3

text mode boot begins then Fails displaying

Loading vmlinuz0.....................isolinux: Disk error 80, AX= 4280, drive 9F

Boot failed: press a key to retry...

Bugzilla notified me today that Bug #577215  had been resolved so I
downloaded and tested the gnome desktop build too.

 desktop-i386-20100506.01.iso  textual boot as above proceeded normally.

However when I type startx I see vertical stripes down both screens ,
with the cursor icon able to scroll between them, but no progress
after the gray outline for the login box appears.

Unfortunately networking seems to be broken as well and no IP address
is  set so I was not able to ssh onto this machine.

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