[Test-Announce] Fedora 13 RC #2 testing open

Andre Robatino andre at bwh.harvard.edu
Sat May 8 17:19:25 UTC 2010

Bill Davidsen wrote:

> > It burned and booted fine for me, but one problem might be found
> > in the fact that the physical size of the iso image file is 120
> > blocks (2048 byte blocks) larger than isoinfo says the image size
> > should be. (I used K3B to burn it).
> >
> That certainly suggests that there might have been issues creating
> the image. If this continues to be a question I'll try it, I use a
> lot of CDs for music and vcd distribution.

I filed https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=585006 for this
issue against livecd-tools which is almost certainly not the right
component, but I don't know Python well enough at the moment to narrow
it down further.  However, I know it didn't affect PPC images (when they
were still being produced), and in the file


in python-imgcreate there are distinct *LiveImageCreator classes for
Intel and PPC, so maybe mkisofs or something else is being called in the
Intel case in such a way that triggers the problem.  Someone who knows
Python well might be able to narrow it down.  I'm worried that maybe the
images aren't just oversized, but corrupted in some other way as well.

(I would have replied in-thread, but your message hasn't showed up in
Gmane yet.)

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