Fedora 13 RC #2 testing open - Installing to Multi Boot Systems

Robert C. Lightfoot boblfoot at gmail.com
Mon May 10 04:00:02 UTC 2010

I raised this point with Alpha and again with Beta, but it's either been 
decided against, ignored or I've failed to state myself clearly.  The 
most recent F13.RC2 install when used on a multi-boot Fedora/Windows 
machine setup a grub which had Fedora as default and delay at zero (0).  
This meant to access Windows I had to edit grub from Fedora to change 
the delay to reach windows.

If we are trying to reach and convert Windows users, then when Fedora 
Installer does a multi-boot install the default needs to allow a small 
amount of time to choose the OS and not set the timeout to 0.

Bob Lightfoot

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