ldap authentication problems

Nalin Dahyabhai nalin at redhat.com
Mon May 10 19:05:35 UTC 2010

On Thu, May 06, 2010 at 02:59:59PM -0700, David L wrote:
> I'm trying to authenticate with ldap on f13 using the same ldap.conf I'm using
> successfully on f12.  But it doesn't like my password and I see a message like
> this in /var/log/secure:
> May  6 14:37:22 empire su: pam_sss(su:auth): received for user foo: 10
> (User not known to the underlying authentication module)

The pam_sss module is part of SSSD, which doesn't use /etc/ldap.conf.
The SSSD service is configured in /etc/sssd/sssd.conf, and I think in
F13, it's used when you configure the system to use LDAP.

Other than dropping ldap.conf in place, how did you configure the
system?  Did you choose LDAP during installation, run
system-config-authentication afterward, or something else?



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