2010-05-10 - Fedora QA meeting recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon May 10 19:52:26 UTC 2010

As always, meeting minutes and IRC discussion available at

= Attendees =

People present (lines said):

      * jlaska (115)
      * adamw (99)
      * Oxf13 (61)
      * kparal (44)
      * Viking-Ice (13)
      * zodbot (4)
      * robatino (3)
      * mether (2)
      * etank (1)

      * Liam
      * Rhe
      * wwoods
      * maxamillion

= Agenda =
      * Proposed meeting agenda -
      * MeetBot summary -

== Previous meeting follow-up ==

      * jlaska to migrate approved FAS 'qa' members into 'proventesters'
              * Completed, all approved ''qa'' group members are now
                members of ''proventesters''
      * jlaska to request bodhi change to require 'proventesters'
        feedback for critpath
              * Completed, (see
                https://fedorahosted.org/bodhi/ticket/424).  Change has
                been completed by lmacken, but not yet deployed

== Fedora 13 RC#2 test status ==

Upcoming test milestones:

      * 2010-05-05 - Final Blocker Meeting (f13blocker) #4 -- MISSED
      * 2010-05-06 - Test 'Final' RC
      * 2010-05-11 - Fedora 13 Final Go/No-Go Meeting (20:00 EST)
      * 2010-05-12 - Fedora 13 Final Release Readiness Meeting

The group spent time reviewing the current F13Blocker bug list.  At the
time of the meeting, the following bugs were open for discussion ...

=== {{bz|590466}} - Lid "button" has no keycode ===
      * confusion as to the exact cause for this bug
      * AGREED - QA agreed that 590466 does not impact the release
        criteria and can be resolved in a future update

=== {{bz|590640}} -  SystemError: (22, 'Invalid argument') ===
      * fails when testing with RHT Brno Fedora NFS mirror, but works
        when installing from local nfs exported DVD mount
      * unclear user impact, kparal will discuss further w/ clumens for
      * AGREED - unclear on impact to release criteria, leave on the
        list pending additional information
      * UPDATE - failure case is booting with a 'boot.iso' and providing
        boot arguments: "repo=nfs:<server>:<path>"

=== {{bz|590661}} - GRUB bootloader should have a few seconds ... ===
      * debatable whether this impacts the release criteria
      * current dual-boot criteria states -- "The installer must be able
        to install into free space alongside an existing clean
        single-partition Windows installation and either install a
        bootloader which can boot into the Windows installation, or
        leave the Windows bootloader untouched and working "
      * HELP: Confirm multi-OS bootloader configuration when installing
              * bcl, jkeating and jlaska confirmed the change in
                behavior after the meeting
      * ACTION: identify if any bootloader config documentation exists
              * Fedora 10 feature page
                documents change in grub boot menu
      * AGREED: 590661 - remains on the list, pending additional
        information to be presented @ go/no_go
              * Submitted for FESCO review (see

=== {{bz|590666}} - [abrt] crash in gnome-bluetooth-2.30.0-1.fc1... ===
      * AGREED - 590666 isn't blockery enough, we can document + fix
        with an update

=== ??? - missing firmware packages on live images ===
      * Jkeating received reports about missing *-firmware packages on
        live images
      * The team was able to confirm expected *-firmware packages were
        available on live images.

== Open discussion - <Your topic here> ==

=== Summer of Code ===

      * Kparal notified the group that a wiki page full of Summer of
        code project ideas is available --
      * Currently looking for feedback from anyone who has participated
        in summer of code as a student or mentor (see
      * HELP - Feedback needed by Wednesday, May 13, 2010.

=== Reporting on upstream project activity ===

      * Viking_Ice asked if there was any interest in reporting on
        upstream project activity.  He noted that it would be nice to
        inform users whether a project is actively maintained, before
        they file or triage any incoming bugs for that package.  General
        consensus was that this would be an interesting project, but
        there concerns were expressed about how to consistently measure
        "upstream activity" across projects.
      * Viking_Ice will wait until Fedora 13 testing calmed down, and
        follow-up to the list for feedback.

= Action items =

      * ALL - continue posting F-13-RC2 test feedback
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