Fc 13 RC2 and GyachE

Cristian Sava csava at central.ucv.ro
Wed May 12 05:48:06 UTC 2010

Hi all,
I upgraded two boxes to FC13 RC2 and is ok.
But ...

GyachE Improved 1.2.4 
 Plugin Loaded:  'GyachI-sound-plugin-ALSA' 
 Plugin Loaded:  'Gpgme' 
 Plugin Loaded:  'Blowfish-Internal' 
 Loaded 3 plugins from '/usr/lib/gyachi/plugins'.

and all I can get for voice chat is

Cannot run gyvoice due to the following missing files:


Not in the following directories:

I know, is an old story (=bug), but not solved yet?

Cristian Sava

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