gnome-settings-daemon crashing in F13

Jiri Cerny ji.cerny at
Wed May 12 13:14:22 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Recently, gnome-settings-daemon crashed several times for me. I know
at least two ways how to bring it to crash.

1. Click on the keyboard layout indicator and try to view the Cze
keyboard layout.
Bug  588687 contains the abrt report. It is not reproducible with
other layouts that I tried. I  cannot reproduce it with a fresh user

2. In Appearance setting -> Modify -> Colors and try to change any
color to some other one.
This one is reproducible on fresh account. No bug report for the moment.

In bugzilla there are approx. 100 abrt bugs for g-s-d in last 3 month,
so I imagine I am not the only one observing these crashes.
Since they are quite annoying,  I would like to ask if the problem is
known and somebody is trying to solve it?


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