Not quite a blocker - OpenJDK/IcedTea is very unstable

birger birger at
Wed May 12 22:14:19 UTC 2010

I guess java crashing on most java-enabled pages I have tried so far
doesn't qualify as a blocker, but I certainly hope work is being done to
get the Java plugin back to the stability it had in F12.

It happens both on a system upgaded from F12 and on a system freshly
installed with F13. One is i686, the other x86_64. It happens both in
firefox and epiphany.

Some pages will crash java consistently (logon to both of my banks),
others may work fine after a browser restart (HP C-class blade system
iLO console applet).

No real error messages. Mostly just a 'Segmentation fault (Core
dumped)' (epiphany) or (firefox:11145): GLib-CRITICAL **:
g_string_erase: assertion `pos + len <= string->len' failed

Epiphany crashes. In firefox the applets just don't initialise.

Logged using abrt on epiphany as but I guess it could
get reassigned to OpenJDK...


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